Andy Webb

A selection of projects and self-initiated work. See here for more experimental and in-progress work.

Growing Smaller

Growing Smaller encourages people to grow their own produce at home. It is an initiative to address the current state of our community’s disconnect with food.

The main communication objective was to break common misconception that growing your own produce requires a lot of space. I wanted to over exaggerate the fact that you can grow your greens anywhere. The design outcome mixes quirky and fun photography with modular elements to represent there’s always room to learn and grow.

Client: Personal Project
Role: Design, Strategy, Photography

Peggy&Me Vintage
Brand Identity, Product Development

Brought to life by an avid vintage clothing and accessories collector, Peggy&me is an experiment in bringing the concept of the physical popup shop or weekend market stall to a digital platform — without losing the soul. Specialising in one-off vintage pieces the concept will allow customers to informally explore, rummage and flip through the collectors stock just like in real life.

The visual identity and tone itself are inspired by our combined collection of vintage ephemera, with a strong emphasis on human connection. From hand-drawn iconography and recycled packaging materials to Polaroid film sheets that accompany the items all the way from photoshoot to delivery, the identity places a strong emphasis on sharing, reusing and recycling quality products.

With the first stage of the store being run through online shopping platform Etsy, the majority of the branded content will live on the brands Instagram page, utilising the apps stories feature as primary collections while maintaining a consistent ’homepage’ feel across main page grid.

With the first pop-up launching mid-2019, the concept will be further developed and grown upon organically as stock is collected.

Client: Peggy&Me Vintage
Role: Creative Direction, Design, Product Development
Illustration: Katrina Ramm

VVV Management
Brand Identity

VVV Management is a new creative management service providing support for up and coming bands and artists in Australia. They ban together and support the music industry, representing artists and helping them conquer their career.

Drawing from the agency’s inspiration of the Julies Cesar quote “Veni, Vidi, Vici” (We came, we saw, we conquered) we used a bold typographic treatment to represent both their strength and passion. This is juxtaposed with a rainbow colour spectrum which draws from history to represent connection, support and inclusiveness to create a balance of character across the brand.

Client: VVV Management
Studio: Sherwood
Role: Designer
Co-Creative Director: Steve Abbott
Co-Creative Director: Matt Turner

Mubi x D&AD
Campaign Concept

The Now Showing campaign highlights Mubi’s unique offering of curated, classic cinema that’s available right now. It’s an ode to cinema’s roots and the emotional pull that film continually has over us.

A combination of strong campaign strategy led by live feeds of cinema board change overs and a quirky tone of voice encourage our audience to fall in love with great film again... or at least for the next 30 days.

We wanted to create the feeling of when you first saw your favourite film, or at least one that impacted your life. It was probably when you were young, maybe with a partner or friend at a cinema.

Looking how this could be represented visually, we took inspiration from movie theaters. We were intrigued by the manual nature of cinema boards, having to change the letters each time a new film came out and, as a passer by, wondering what new title would be put up. We thought this related to all that Mubi stood for and we created the ‘Now Showing’ Campaign.

Now Showing focuses on encouraging the audience to experience a hand-picked range of classic cinema, today. The visual content utilises Mubi’s existing brand identity but allows for a more playful treatment.

Client: Mubi / D&AD
Project: Concept (New Blood Awards 2016)
Role: Design, Strategy
Collaborators: Chloe Young (Strategy)

Abbey Solo Foundation
Brand Identity

The Abbey Solo Foundation also known as A+ (A Positive) was created to offer support, hope and strength to children and their families living with cancer after the initial shock of diagnosis. They required a brand identity that communicates delicately and clearly to their four main stakeholders: parents, children, hospitals and potential benefactors.

The visual language needed to help the brand secure sponsorship and support while maintaining the fun and positive nature the foundation is built on. We concluded that ownership from all stakeholders is paramount to achieve our core values of positivity, fun, love, togetherness, strength, support, family, human, imagination and connection.

We created a mark that feels relatable so people could personally interpret the tone and make it their own. We wanted the audience to feel connected to the brand and its services.

Client: Abbey Solo Foundation
Studio: The Company You Keep
Role: Designer (Intern)
Creative Director: Rhys Gorgol
Design Director: Veronica Lethorn